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There are many important causes in the world today, however children are the most important natural resource. Each new generation has the potential to significantly improve our world and each child is extremely important to our future society. There are many negative forces in the world today intent on exploiting children and destroying the family unit, you can make a difference and be a positive force in your local community. If you volunteered already but have not been very active or we missed connecting with you click here.

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We Need Creative Self-Motivated Volunteers in Every State
Each Day 2,185 More Children Are Reported Missing
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 What to Expect
  • Meet lots of very nice people.
  • Spend a few hours each week helping us in your spare time.
  • Work from home if you choose.
  • Utilize your skills and creativity.
  • Join our USA Team and focus on your local state and community.

About Our Staff
Bring Kids Home does not pay executive salaries. We do this work as volunteers and many of our staff have spent years working with or raising children and teens. Donations are applied to community projects and projects are created by volunteers. If you have an idea for a project to help children we want to hear from you!

Other Benefits
Volunteers can receive hats, T-Shirts, etc. A volunteer can earn Community Service hours, a requirement of high school graduation. Volunteers may be invited to special events in their state. We will write reference letters, if you need a reference on your work and abilities.

Code of Conduct
As a volunteer working in the community a volunteer agrees to conduct themselves with the utmost respect for citizens, the community, and other volunteers.

Bring Kids Home is a unique, flexible, web friendly organization that allows you to reside in any state and join our collective team dedicated to the cause of missing and abused children.