The Memorial Walkway Project

Bring Kids Home is committed to building a Memorial to remember Missing and Abused children in America; we have estimated $200,000 in total costs to complete the project and under the current economic downturn remain short of the funds neccesary to move forward.

We point out that Bring Kids Home and our strategic partners are paying for the memorial with less then $4,000 in public donations; the majority of the funding comes through corporate, foundation, and grant sources.

We continue to work on securing the remaining shortfall. We don't care how long it takes. A substantial memorial for Missing and Abused Children will be constructed in America to complete our vision.

By law donations to Public Charities are Non-Refundable, however our policy is to refund donations if we receive a reasonable written request. We thank all donors who have supported this project.

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Our charity is volunteer only with no paid salaries, thank you for your kind generosity.


CAYLEE DVD - Music Single & Music Video
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