FAQ'S About Bring Kids Home

Bring Kids Home is a Charity Scam?
Disinformation spread around the web by those seeking to build Internet traffic to their websites featuring conspiracies and scandals. Bring Kids Home is predominately operated by teachers, coaches, ministers, and counselors who have extensive experience working with youth. There are many charity scams out raising millions of dollars in donations; Bring Kids Home is not one of them.
Bring Kids Home will Not Refund a Donation?
The IRS rule is that donations to Public Charities are non-refundable, but for donors who for whatever reason would like a refund of their donation, all they have to do is send an email with Name, Date of Transaction, and Donation Method to:
refund@bringkidshome.org   It is unreasonable to process refunds for all eternity, please contact us within 12 months of your donation date.
Bring Kids Home is Always Trying to Solicit Funds from the Public?
As a general rule, Bring Kids Home rarely accepts donations from private individuals; only from Business, Corporate, and Institutional sources. We do maintain a general donation web page; but that is typically a donation in exchange for a product.
When Was Bring Kids Home Founded?
Bring Kids Home was started in 2006 to development numerous "software" applications for children and families, in 2009 we transformed into a non-profit to provide "services" for children and families. We are now expanding to establish grassroot volunteers in every state
our mission statement.
Is Bring Kids Home Connected to the Government?
Bring Kids Home has no intra-connections to any government agency. We consider government agencies an important strategic partner who we can work with to achieve positive results.
Is Bring Kids Home Tax Exempt?
Bring Kids Home was approved as a public charity with 501(c)(3) status in August of 2009 by the Internal Revenue Service.
Where is Bring Kids Home Based?
Bring Kids Home originally was based in New Jersey but since 2009 we are now in many states; over time we expect to maintain a presence in every state.
Does Bring Kids Home Have a Single Paid Executive?
No, we are strictly volunteer. We are fundamentally opposed to charities that pay excessive salaries to their executive staff, this defeats the purpose of using resources to help children. We have no intention of paying executive salaries.
Where Can I Find Tax and Other Documents for Bring Kids Home?
Bring Kids Home documents can easily be accessed on the Public Interent by many third-party websites who have posted our documents for public access. Bring Kids Home doe not have to file detailed reports with the IRS because we are under the $50,000 limit as a small public volunteer charity with no salaries.
How can Bring Kids Home Get Things Done?
By attracting caring volunteers who do this work on behalf of children; who enjoy networking with other volunteers, and who give back to their local communities-- simply donating a few hours of effort each week.
Who Runs Bring Kids Home?
Senior Volunteers are responsible for different regions of the country. There are no titles at Bring Kids Home, only Volunteers and Senior Volunteers. The goal of this unique structure was not to highlight any individual volunteer but rather recognize the entire volunteer collective team. There is no "i" in Team.
What Type of People are Volunteers?
Due to the nature of our work, all senior volunteers pass a background check to insure they are approved to work with youth in their state, equal to the check done by school districts. Many of our volunteers are coaches, teachers, parents, counselors, and students seeking community service.
How Large is Bring Kids Home?
We are a small organization with approximately 100 volunteers, the Red Cross for example has 97 million volunteers. Our goal is to find volunteers who are dedicated to this social cause in all U.S. states,
volunteer link.
Where is the Bring Kids Home Headquarters?
The organization is distributed which means different functions are performed from different states, there is no centralized headquarters required.
What Kinds of Projects Does Bring Kids Home Perform?
Software, Education and Awareness Materials, Family Counseling, Cold Case Investigations, Coaching and Mentoring, Development of new technologies. Our volunteers create most of the project ideas at the grassroots level. This link has a breakdown on many of the projects we are undertaking.
Why are Children so Important?
Each child has the potential to change our world for the better with one single new idea. Failing to help children will only result in more jails as these neglected and abused children grow older and enter society.
What is the Main Purpose of Bring Kids Home?
To prevent child abductions and uphold the "Quality of Life" for all children; free from abuse and exploitation.