The Caylee Memorial Walkway Project - Orlando Florida

Project Information:
New Project Update January 2012 - Less then $50,000 Remains to Be Raised
Explore the Conceptual Design at this Link (Conceptual and Not the Final Design)
Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
Free Counseling is Available From Bring Kids Home if You Are In Orlando Florida
Child Safety Article from 2008 That Generated the Idea Behind This Project

This Memorial Remembers Caylee But It Will Include Participation From Other Families of Perished Children and Helps The 900 Young Children Who Pass By The Memorial Site Each School Day.

A Volunteer Cleans Up Around the Memorial Site

Bring Kids Home Butterfly Release on Caylee's Birthday

Help us change a place of darkness into light, hope, and contemplation; each child is a precious gift.

Bring Kids Home Volunteers Clean the Memorial Site Area to Provide Community
Outreach, Counseling, and Ministry-- if you Wish to Join our Dedicated Volunteer Team Click Here.

CAYLEE DVD - Music Single & Music Video
Hear Entire Song Click On Player Below

Thank you Alexander for spending your time, your creative skills, and your resources to produce this music.